ZANMAI DAY 2019! A night of Jazz and knives.


ZANMAI DAY 2019! A night of Jazz and knives.

One of our favourite people here at KNIFE is none other than Tomo Hasegawa. Tomo is the second generation President of Mcusta knives in Seki, Japan, and one of our dearest friends. Mcusta is responsible for some of our favourite blades and scissors; a staple in the KNIFE catalogue since we opened our doors over 10 years ago.

Every year Tomo flies half way around the world to pay us a little visit; he doesn't have to, but he insists on keeping connected and maintaining not only our professional relationship but our personal one as well. In this day and age when we only communicate via email and text, it's incredible to be able to connect in person. 

Along with knives and scissors, Tomo loves good music, food, and most importantly a great glass of wine.

On 2018's Zanmai Day, with the help of Tomo, we launched our custom line with Mcusta, Dark. We aren't launching anything this year, but we're hoping for some cool new surprises. 

Well, it's that time of year again - Zanmai Day. Every year around this time we host a little get together at the shop where our dear customers can come and hang with Tomo, talk shop, and most importantly look at new knives! Tomo always brings us little treats, and we're hoping for some exciting pieces from Mcusta this year. This time he's promised a few new toys and we've promised a great night for our customers! 

So save the date: Friday November 29. 5pm - 7pm. 

This year we're expressing our love for Tomo and all of you with free drinks (beer and wine) and The Adam Cesarone Jazz trio (Jazz and knives - heaven).

Check out some of Adam's work here

Hope to see you all there! Let's make this the best Zanmai Day to date. 

Thanks for reading. - EO

Friday November 29 / 5pm - 7pm

KNIFE - 803 Dundas Street West - Toronto

Adam Cesarone Jazz Trio

Free beer from The Six Brewhouse and of course, Whiskey for me.



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