We offer a sharpening service at KNIFE on all straight edged kitchen knives.  Sorry, no serrated.

All knives brought in are sharpened on site by hand on a series of synthetic Japanese Whetstones. We use a combination of Naniwa Professional, Naniwa Traditional, Kyo Higashiyama and Bester / Imanishi whetstones to restore your knives.

For Western blades we usually start at a #220 grit and finish to a #2000 grit for a clean "toothy" polish. For high carbon / powdered steel blades we start anywhere from a #400 grit to over #12 000 for a surgically precise edge.

For safety purposes, please bring your knives wrapped up in a dish towel or its sheath for transport. We will have your knives carefully wrapped up when ready for pick up. 

**Please note that all knives not collected after 60 days will be subject to donation.**

Due to hygiene concerns, please have all knives washed and cleaned before servicing. We guarantee all of our sharpening services.

Our turnaround time is 24 hours. 

  • Basic Grade 
  • S$12 <110mm
  • $16 <180mm
  • L$18 <210mm
  • XL$20 <270mm +
  • Pro Grade / Single Bevel
  • S$20 <110mm
  • M$26 <210mm
  • L$30<240mm + 
  • XL$36 <270mm +
  • Repairs $20 + 
  • Broken Tip
  • Chipped Edges
  • Blade Re-Profiling
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