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Mcusta Dark Set of 4



Mcusta Zanmai is a subset of Marusho Industry Inc. and, to this day, is a family business. The current president, Tomohiro Hasegawa took over from his father recently and together they have been at the forefront of modernizing Japanese knife making with the latest machines and modern material while maintaining age-old Japanese traditions. Their knives are laser-cut, hand assembled and hand finished to ensure near perfection.
As the Elder Hasegawa-San puts it, "...our master craftsmen infuse all our products with the pride and traditions inherited from centuries of Japanese blade makers."

We are very proud to introduce our custom line in collaboration with Mcusta Zanmai. Our DARK line utilizes one of our tried and true favourite steels - VG-10.  It has served us for many years and countless hours in the kitchen. It has proven to withstand the abuse in professional and home kitchens while being a great steel to sharpen over and over again.

DARK was the only word that came to mind while naming this knife. The deep black handle felt more like the absence of light and shadow, it was about the space between. Gorgeous. 

We chose these shapes and sizes for the practicality of a set. These are the four shapes we use the most in a home or professional kitchen. If you'd need anymore, you'd be like us.

Each set includes custom made black sayas ($350 value)


Collection Knives
Set  150mm Petty / 180mm Santoku / 210mm Gyuto / 240mm Sujihiki
Blade  60/40 Right
Steel  VG-10 / 33 Layer Damascus
HRC  62
Handle  Twisted Black Pakka - Mosaic Pin 
Weights Petty 88g / Santoku 156g / Gyuto 168g / Sujihiki 158g 

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