We built a KNIFE Truck


We built a KNIFE Truck

Hey guys,

As most of you have probably already figured out and or heard, we went ahead and built ourselves a KNIFE Truck. 

Sometime last year, we decided that we wanted to start showcasing what we do outside of the city, and a pop-up shop was the first idea that came to mind. It's been ten years here in Toronto and frankly, we were getting itchy. Although pop-ups have never really been our thing, we were finding ourselves getting more and more requests to do them. (Check out our latest gig in Mexico City). Only requirements we knew we had to have was not only the space to display these incredible handmade products but the space to be able to sharpen and teach what we do comfortably. We had to give the knives the respect they deserve and no pop up of ours comes without sharpening as well. 

Fast forward to the brainstorming. After having scoured pages and pages of possible retail locations for rent and hours of back and forth with multiple realtors, and we hadn't found anything promising. If you hate apartment hunting on Craiglist or Kijiji as much as we do, you'll understand why we came up with a different solution. It was a chill day here at the shop. Liv and I were sharpening and bouncing around pop-up ideas, and then it hit us: "why don't we just build our own space? Why don't we just build a truck?"

It wasn't long after that we found ourselves a trusty ol' '05 Chevy. We all have stories about finding 'the one,' 'Lucille,' 'ol' failthful;' 'the moment you see her glimmering in the sun, you know it's the one.

Honestly, we just bought the cheapest truck we could find from the closest dealer to the shop. It was the hottest day of the year and after walking in and around about a dozen of these, we just picked the one just smelled the least. 

We spent hours on this thing. (Hell, it isn't even fully done) We've grinded, sanded, painted, painted again and then painted again. It has been one hell of a learning experience, but truly a fun one. Thankfully on things like these fun projects, we never really had a timeline, just a vision that needed to be fulfilled. 

Here she is in all of her glory. Imagine all those linens. 


Lots of work to do - fun.


Planning - pretty sweet that our truck would be able to fit in the shop.


 Drumroll please........ After all that hard work, we couldn't be happier.



Although there's still lots to do, it's been incredibly fun. We'll be posting a ton on our Instagram page so be sure to check us out to find out where we'll be, and check out our KNIFE Truck website. It's been one hell of a ride so far, and the best is yet to come. We're slowly rolling her out so check with us for the end of the summer for any event updates. 


Thanks for reading everyone, see you on the road - EO 


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