Pop Up : Mexico City - Updated with photos.


Pop Up : Mexico City - Updated with photos.

We're not really known for our pop ups. Although we do demos and on site sharpening classes, pop ups have never really been our thing. We've been approached to set up in many different places but the idea of lugging around stones and knives always scared me. Times change, I guess.

Mexico City!

Back in my cooking days (100 years ago) I found myself in Mexico City opening a few restaurants and learning as much as I could about one of my favourite cuisines. There were incredibly hard times and incredibly amazing times spent there - but the relationships made and the energy of that insane city still stick with me til this day. What better place to showcase our stuff than one of my second homes. 

So, pop up it is. (Plus it's great practice for the truck) - more on that later.

Come join us this July 22 / 4 - 7pm at Pizza Felix in La Roma. We'll have some cool new knives and stones as well as some custom pieces we had done up for the shop. We'll also be giving a sharpening demo at 5pm so swing by and hear my horrible Spanish. Hope to see you all there.

  • Where : Pizza / Bar Felix Av. Álvaro Obregón 64 Roma Nte - CDMX
  • When : Monday July 22 / 4 -7pm
  • What : Showcasing Japanese knives and stones / Sharpening Demo
  • Who : KNIFE - Eugene 

Check out this great space on their Instagram page.

Thanks for reading - EO



What an amazing time in Mexico! Thank you all for the love and attention in inviting us to your gorgeous restaurant.

We had such a great time talking knives and food at Restaurant Felix.

Here are some pics of that awesome day. - Thanks for putting up with my spanglish sharpening lesson! 

Love spots hidden from the street.

Look at that year round greenery - damn you Toronto winters.

No pop up of ours is complete without a sharpening demo.

Chef Miwi and her awesome sous chef.

Pizza Felix!

Thanks again guys for a memorable night in Mexico City. - See you soon everyone.


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