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Yakumi Pan Bases



The essential tool in any kitchen. Any chef will tell you that the most important thing in any station is your mise en place. Everything has and should be in its right place. 

Yakumi Pans have been used for decades as an integral part in organizing not only your seasonings, but also smaller mise.

Yakumi pans are also incredibly versatile and can be used in a bain-marie or ice bath.

More commonly sold as sets, we as cooks prefer to give you the option to choose and customize your specific Yakumi Pan configuration. With two sizes of pan inserts, the possibilities are endless for your custom mise en place set up. 


- Pan 2/4 (2 full pans / 4 half pans) - 22cm X 14.8cm X 6.4cm

- Pan 3/6 (3 full pans / 6 half pans) - 32.8cm X 14.6cm X 6.4cm

- Pan 4/8 (4 full pans / 8 half pans) - 28.3cm X 22.4cm X 6.4cm

- Pan 4/8 Long (4 full pans / 8 half pans) - 43.7cm X 14.6cm X 6.4cm

- Pan 5/10 Long (5 fulls pans / 10 half pans) - 53.7cm X 14.8cm X 6.4cm

- Pan 6/12 (6 fulls pans / 12 half pans) - 32.8cm X 28cm X 6.4cm

Mix and match any configuration to suit your mise en place needs. We love the half pans for salt and pepper and full pans for larger vegetables / proteins. 

Yakumi Inserts can be found here

All Yakumi Bases come with a matching lid. 

Made in Japan.


Collection Accessories
Use  Mise en Place
Material  18-8 Stainless Steel

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