KNIFE's 5th annual Toy Drive!


KNIFE's 5th annual Toy Drive!

Toy drive has now ended.

We can't thank you enough to everyone who dropped off a toy / gift for our drive. 2018 was our best year yet. We managed to collect 168 toys! - to benefit the Toronto Fire fighters toy drive.  That equaled to 10 + garbage bags that one Uber driver hated us loading into his crappy Honda Civic. - But we did anyway. 

Congratulations to our all of our winners. 

  • Third Place - $50 Gift card to KNIFE
  • Second Place - Oigen's 20cm Fry Pan
  • First Prize - Yu Kurosaki Shizuku 270mm Sujihiki

Every child deserves a toy at Christmas.

Thank you all for your generosity and hope to see you all at the shop soon. 

Happy Holidays from your team at KNIFE.


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