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Thank you.

It's hard to believe that it's already been 10 years. The last decade has flown by. We've made so many good friends, so many memories, and had countless hours of fulfilling conversations with like-minded industry peers. So many talented chefs and cooks - home and professional - have walked through these doors over the last decade. It's because of these people that we're so fortunate to have been able to grow, not only as a small business, but as (we hope) an industry staple in the city of Toronto. Along with our little shop on Dundas and the cooks of Toronto, our online presence has introduced us to so many other passionate 'KNIFE' people around the world. 

The sale was awesome! Thank you all so so much for coming by and supporting your little neighbourhood knife shop, online or in person. We couldn't do what we do without you. It was so nice to catch up with old faces and we love seeing our annual customers come out of the woodwork this time of year. It's also been so great to see our social media reaching farther and farther every year. 

As some of you have already noticed while skimming our site, we are out of stock of a lot of things. For that we do apologize. The largest sale of the year tends to do that to our inventory. Rest assured, more knives are on their way, along with those must-have Konro grills for the summer (beginning of May). Keep in touch, we've got some cool new things arriving soon. Thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Now that our sale is over and longer, warmer days are on the horizon, we're working on some cool new things and will have some exciting news to share very soon. We've contacted a few new blacksmiths and providers - both local and in Japan - and will have more info in the upcoming months. 

Thank you all again for such an incredible 10 years. Here's to the next 10.

Thanks for reading,


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