Ten Years Strong


Ten Years Strong

Stephen Harper was our Prime Minister, Avatar was annoyingly in theatres, my cracked old ipod was essentially just Metric's Fantasies album looping and a burnt out ex-cook decided to max out his credit cards on knives and open Toronto's smallest shop.  

Happy 10 year anniversary to our favourite little knife shop.

A lot has happened in 10 years. I got married, moved to an awesome apartment, burnt it down, moved again, had cats, had kids, moved the shop, again - and blinked then realized that its been ten years.  

Thank you all so much for the love and support you have shown this little knife store. From our incredible regulars, our hopefully happy new customers, our beloved staff new and old, my family here and there - and of course my dear wife for the years of support - thank you. 

So guys, its that time of year you've all been waiting for.

KNIFE's Annual sale happens in store and online -  April 9 / 11am - sharp! To celebrate ten years, this year we'll be holding our sale for 10 days! We've made sure to stock up on all the necessities so lots to go around.  But like always, best to come by early.

KNIFE's Annual Sale

25% off entire store

April 9 / 11am - April 18 / 6pm

In store and online

Online discount code : tenyearsstrong

Thank you all so much.

Have a KNIFE day.

Thanks for reading.

Best. - Eugene

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