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Hands On

One of the things that I knew KNIFE had to do, even before we opened 10 years ago, was to educate the young cooks of Toronto about knife sharpening and why we do what we do. I always knew that I wanted to do classes at the shop but we've been very grateful for the opportunity to also go on-site at some of the city's best restaurants.

It all started almost 10 years ago when I was invited to - then one of my favourite restaurants in the city - Splendido. I rode my bike there at 2 pm on a hot, sunny Tuesday (my only day off). I was escorted through the back entrance and down into the basement where I was met by what felt like 30 cooks. I was nervous. This was my first on-site demo, my first time leaving my little shoebox, and my first class with more than 2 people. Thankfully everybody was into it and I had a blast. This started an almost weekly demo / class schedule for me, and with that a new element of KNIFE was born. 

One of the most important things that we teach our customers is the value and discipline of regular maintenance over just buying new knives. We live in a disposable society where consumerism has taught us to replace versus restore. Here at KNIFE, we want you to be confident that the knife you just purchased will last you a lifetime. That, however, won't happen without the proper care and knowledge that goes into sharpening / general care of knives. 

Here are a few pictures of some of our on-site demos, both Sharpening and Skills.

Sharpening demo / pop-up at Centennial College. 

The fantastic team at Grey Gardens. 

Love meeting and discussing knives with some of the best young cooks in Toronto / the country. 

Chef Felicia, teacher of our knife skills classes, sets up at the Shopify Spring Fling for a skills demo. 

Sharpening demo at the incredible Momofuku. 

When you use your diaper bag for everything. #dadlyfe


Private demos with some of your good friends are the best. 


If you're interested in having us visit your restaurant / business, contact us for further details. Our classes are very customizable.  

Thanks for reading, EO.


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