Here at KNIFE, as much as we are all about selling some of the worlds best kitchenware, we have always been about food and the talents making that food first. 

My main goal when opening KNIFE 13 years ago, was always about bettering the hospitality industry and sharing in the love of all things cooking and food. 

Max is a great friend to the shop. He's done some photography for us in the past and has always had a love for supporting small, local businesses. When he approached us with this project we were more than happy for the opportunity to work with him and are grateful for the passion and expertise that he put into this project. 

You can watch this beautiful video here. 

It was easily 12 years ago when I first met Matt, @thedirtyraven, in a closet sized shop that was the original KNIFE. We hit it off instantly talking about, duck fat? French fries? Burgers? probably?

I love giving left handed people a hard time and Matt was enemy number one if anyone else was in the room.
It's been incredible being able to see Matt grow and develop into the powerhouse talent that he is. From slinging burgers and frying fries to the now dynamic @giatoronto where we had one of the best meals we've had in ages (take out too!) His skill is real, his dedication to his craft is next to none and now that he is a father we'll all be blessed to see that love and passion passed on to the next generation.
Thank you to everyone involved and for allowing us to be a part of this great project.
Chef: Matthew Ravenscroft @thedirtyraven
Restaurant: Gia @giatoronto
Client / knives: KNIFE @knifetoronto
Production: Not Work Collective
Directors: Max Rosenstein @maximilianwilliam
Taylor Lamothe @tw.lamothe
Director of Photography: Bryan Wilkat @bryanwilkat
Producer: Lauren Wheeler @laurennwheelerr


Stay tuned for part two, coming Monday, January 31st. 

Thanks for reading, 


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