If you were to tell me that in 2009 while cooking and trying to open my own restaurant / small food stall -  that I'd be sitting here writing about our 15th anniversary for KNIFE I'd tell you that you were mad. So...., you're mad.

Happy Birthday to KNIFE.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Time flying is an understatement. Enjoy the ride is all I can say.

So.... what you've all been waiting for - our annual customer appreciation sale begins April 22 - 11am! 

This year we're going strong - with our evolving inventory and growing coffee section, we're offering up to 35% off some of our items.

As always - we'll be posting all the updates on Instagram. So stay tuned for some incredibly exciting news for the summer. 

Hope to see you all at the shop!

Thank you.



KNIFE's 15th Anniversary / Customer Appreciation Sale


Monday April 22 / 11am - Friday April 26 / 5:59pm


In Store and Online


15% - 35% off - no exceptions


Knives / Cookware / Cutting Boards - 25% off

Coffee Gear / Stainless Acessories - 15% off

Konro Grills / Sharpening Gear - 35% off

No discount code needed - discounts apply automatically at checkout. 


Again - thank you all for the years of support, business and most importantly friendship.

See you soon.

Thanks for reading - E


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