Blacksmiths at KNIFE - Photos


Blacksmiths at KNIFE - Photos

Shiba, Yoshimi and Takumi.

July 18th at the shop was awesome.

Thank you all for making our little meet and greet such a great event. Amazing seeing new and old faces here at the shop. 

Shibata, Takumi and Yoshimi all wish you a happy day!

Here are some pics from the event. 

KNIFE - Left, Crowd - Right, Translators
Left: A great crowd of "KNIFE" people.
Right: Miki and Maiko our translators for the evening.


Can't forget the staff schooling on a new blade. Kato san is a wealth of knowledge.

Even on vacation he's still sharpening.

G & G - super team.


Dinner at Assembly Chef's Hall 

Half drunk stumbling around the city, the best way to see Toronto.

Drinks at cocktail bar.

Thanks again to everyone who came out.  Stay tuned for more events like these in the future.

Thanks for reading. - EO

Have a KNIFE day.


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