Yukihiro Sakai Hinokuni Nakiri 180mm



Yukihiro Sakai is a young blacksmith from Kumamoto Prefecture. After apprenticing for Daisuke Nishida, Sakai-san has since started producing his own line of knives using many of the same techniques and materials as Nishida-san, including forge-welding their own steels in house. 

These knives are made with Shirokami #1, or white carbon steel, and are entirely handmade by Sakai-san. 

This Hinokuni line is named for the Kumamoto Prefecture and Mount Aso, a famous volcano, and means 'Country of Flame.' 

Please note that these knives are cladded with soft iron and are entirely reactive. Keep clean and dry to prevent rusting. 


Blade  180mm / Double Bevel 
Steel Shirokami #1 / Kurouchi
HRC  62-63
Handle 125mm / Oval Cherry Handle / Black Plastic Ferrule
Weight  213 grams


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