Yu Kurosaki Gekko VG-XEOS Sujihiki 270mm



Yu Kurosaki is no stranger to KNIFE. His constant search of perfection is evident in every new knife he creates.

Welcome to KNIFE - Newly released Gekko. Gekko in Japanese means moonlight. Fitting as the finish in these knives may emulate the glistening moon light as we gaze into its beauty.

VG-XEOS is a new steel from Takefu Special Steel works. Its elements aren't disclosed as of yet, but we feel it performs like a better VG-10 with higher hardness and better stain resistance.

These blades have a thicker spine with a pronounced shinogi line / double bevel.


Blade  270mm / Double Bevel
Steel VG-XEOS/ Stainless
HRC n/a
Handle 140mm / Octagonal Oak / No ferrule
Weight  186 grams


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