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Sori Yanagi Kettle



Over 12 years ago, my now wife and I walked into a shop on a sunny fall day off. We looked at all of the gorgeous wares and stumbled upon a kettle, not any kettle, this kettle. She was stunning, functional, stylish and exactly what we wanted, it was perfect. It was $200. It wasn't going to happen.

Here were are, 2022, we were lucky enough to be introduced to the distributor and couldn't say no. We love this kettle.  

This kettle is made by Sori Yanagi, a world renowned Japanese artist and designer from Tokyo, Japan. Born in 1915, Yanagi-san is the son of Soetsu Yanagi who was the founder of a Japanese Folk Crafts Museum. Yanagi-san attented the Toyko Arts School in 1934, where his interest in design and objects grew. After the second World War, Yanagi-san began his career in the design of furniture, three-wheeled vehicles, and of course this timeless kettle. 

This reminds me of my grandmother's old kettle in Singapore, always sitting out on the stove, always warm. That's a good thing.


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Dimensions   24.4cm X  19cm X  20.5cm
Capacity 2.5 Liter
Material  Stainless Steel / Matte Finish
Use  Boiling water only 

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