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This is the pan!  Handmade in Fukuyama by none other than our good friend Shibata Takayuki.  This pan is the result of over two years of trial and error by the talented blacksmith. Designed to be light and nimble, this pan emulates a great French style omelette pan.  Handmade cast iron is in our opinion the best thing to cook with. Shibata aimed to make this pan as versatile as possible - with a comfortable curved handle made to be used while holding a kitchen towel. Really happy that this pan is now in shop. Lets hope that the team at West Japan Tools continue to produce incredible items and to innovate in this industry.

Season with care and this pan will last a lifetime.  Check out our cast iron care guide for more info on taking care of this incredible pan.


Collection Cast Iron
Material  Handmade cast iron
Weight  1.7 kg
Pan Dimensions  top 30cm / bottom 24cm
Pan Thickness  bottom 3mm / sides 1.5mm
Handle  18cm curved

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