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Weekenders Coffee comes to us from Kyoto, Japan.

Owned by Masahiro Kaneko, this coffee roastery first opened in 2005 as a traditional kissa (Japanese coffee shop), and has progressed and improved their craft of coffee roasting since 2011 with a vision to create a new coffee culture in Kyoto.

Weekenders Coffee is now one of the most well-known roasters in Japan and ranks among the top 50 specialty coffee roasters in the world. 

An exciting roaster with an incredible ethos as to what specialty coffee can and should be.

Traceable, sustainable, fair, and of course delicious.

Weekenders' Opera Blend is a mainstay in their menu. Rich and bold, this bean is for the coffee lover that appreciates a deep roast. A beautiful cup on a cold winter morning.

Named after the deep rich chocolate opera cake, where the bitterness almost doubles as its sweetness - bold and buttery. Tastes great chilled as well.


Roast Level Dark
Impressions Dark Chocolate, Rich and Buttery
Weight  200 grams
Roast Date June 3, 2023


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