Unito | Soft Box Liner



Unito from Thailand. 

Elevate your coffee experience with their premium and innovative accessories. Crafted with precision, functionality and style. The Unito collection includes a myriad of accessories to customize your classic Stanley lunch box.

Whether its camping, a road trip, hotel or at the local park - the innovative design of Unito's Stanley accessories has you covered. Embrace the freedom to enjoy your favourite coffee anytime, anywhere with Unito's coffee accessories. Elevate your travel experience and savour the taste of home-brewed coffee, no matter how far you roam. Make every adventure more delightful with a truly portable and stylish coffee kit. Uniquely you.

We are proud to be the only Canadian and North American dealer of Unito products.

The soft liner is a must have to safely and carefully pack your precious coffee gear. Adjustable velcro liners allow for customization of any configuration of coffee tools.

Find the entire collection here


Material  Soft Felt
Size  10qt / 33.5cm X 16cm X 11.5cm Assembled
Weight  93 grams


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