Uchiwa - Fan



Handmade Uchiwa from Japan.

Kurikawa is a manufacturer of traditional 'Shibu' fans, located in Kamoto-cho, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

The skilled craftsmen at Kurikawa make these beautiful fans using natural materials, such as Madake bamboo from the Aso Somaran Mountains and handmade Japanese paper. 

These fans are also coated in persimmon juice extracted from unripe blue persimmons, which makes the Washi (paper) stronger and last longer, and also serves as an insect repellent. 

There is a very rich history behind these fans and the craftspeople who make them. The origin can be traced back to the 1600s, and Kurikawa remains the only workshop that has inherited the history of all of those who made these fans in the past. Kurikawa is considered one of the main producing regions of fans, along with Kyoto and Marugame. 

Perfect for cooling your manually roasted beans, fanning your binchotan charcoal, or just staying cool on the porch.



Use  Cooling / fanning
Material  Madake (bamboo) / handmade Japanese Washi paper / Persimmon juice
Size - Square  36.5cm Overall Length / 23cm X 25.5cm (widest) 
Size - Oval  43.5cm Overall Length / 30cm X 28cm (widest) 


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