Toyo X Unito Limited Edition Box



The UNITO X TOYO limited edition coffee box. In partnership with the two icons, we welcome you to a new world of coffee travel culture.

Since 1969 - Toyo Steel works from Japan.

Factory made products that have been passed down from generation to generation bring a comfortable taste to your living space. TOYO STEEL’s genuine products – which reflect the Company’s commitment to manufacturing – are masterpieces that become more and more attractive as they are used and age. The Company has been attracting “tool lovers” for more than half a century by offering a wide variety of products in different sizes and colors for different purposes. 

Please note - This limited edition collaboration includes the soft liner tray, teak wood tray, leather strap and stickers. 

These boxes are a little smaller than the classic Stanley lunch box, but still fit a fair amount of gear. Perfect for a 110g butane canister, grinder and flat kettle.

All Toyo boxes are made from one piece of pressed steel and are handmade in Japan.

Available in three gorgeous colours. Personal favourite is the Army Green - screams being outside.

Made for coffee, but so useful for so many things. Think ammo / smoke. Enjoy.


Material  Steel
Dimensions Outer 36cm X 16cm X 11.5cm
Dimension Inner  36cm X 15cm X 7cm
Tray X 2  16cm X 13cm X 1cm
Weight 1.5Kg


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