Todai Rikyu Coffee Stirrer



A simple coffee stirrer. Why not use a spoon? Why not a straw? - Because we're sophisticated and we demand the best for our coffee and pour overs.

Agitating your bloom and grinds is crucial for an even extraction. We love these for that reason alone. Sometimes "just" a spoon won't do. Stir with class.

Made with Oxidized Stainless steel. An ingenious manufacturing process in which 18-10 stainless is "oxidized for colour as opposed to powder coated or painted. Great for longevity and food safety ensuring no coating peels off, especially into hot coffee.

Available in four lovely patterns.

Shippou - "Seven Treasures" - overlapping circles

Sazanami - "Ripples" - waves / ripples in water

Sayagata - "Prosperity and Longevity" - crooked crosses

Karahana - "Prosperity and Longevity" - flowers and leaves

Made in Japan


Size   115mm L X 8mm 
Material  18-10 Oxidized Stainless Steel 
Weight  14 grams


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