Timemore Chestnut Slim - Titanium



Timemore is a Chinese company that is pushing the boundaries in the grinding game. Home to the popular Chestnut series, this Nano grinder has been our go-to travel grinder for years. 

This grinder has exactly the same specs as the Nano, but with a touch more height, a larger bean capacity, and without the foldable handle.

We choose to stock the titanium coated burr set for its higher grind efficiency. This small grinder will naturally need a bit more time to grind, especially espresso, so the little extra bit helps. 

Gun metal grey - titanium burr set, slim, perfect.

Never clean your grinder with water. The brush is the perfect and only tool you will need for cleaning.


Use  Manual Coffee Grinding
Material Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel / Wood pommel
Burr  48mm Titanium Coated
HRC  58 - 59 on burr set
Capacity  15 - 18 grams max
Size  45mm diameter
Weight 390 grams


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