Timemore Chestnut ESP Grinder - Black



Timemore is a Chinese company that is pushing the boundaries in the grinding game. Home to popular Chestnut series of grinders.

The Chestnut ESP Grinder is one of the newest models from Timemore and is designed for Espresso. 

This grinder features 30 clicks per rotation and 0.0233mm per click on the internal dial, which gives you incredibly precise calibration and control of any grind, from coarse to super fine. With precise grind control and uniform particle distribution, the Chestnut ESP is the perfect grinder for espresso at a more reasonable price. 

Timemore's Spike-to-Cut technology works in two steps - first, the beans are spiked and broken down into smaller pieces; second, the smaller, spiked pieces are passed down through the more standard burrs to break the beans down into their final grind size. 

The Chestnut ESP has a lightweight aluminum alloy body and an ergonomic stainless steel handle. 

For more information/troubleshooting, check out the Chestnut ESP user manual here.

Includes a brush for cleaning. 

Also available, the Timemore Air Blower for an even more precise clean. 

Never clean your grinder with water. The brush is the perfect and only tool you will need for cleaning.


Use  Manual Coffee Grinding
Material Aluminum Alloy  / Stainless Steel / Silicone
Burr 42mm / HV600 Espresso&Brew 420 Stainless Steel Burr set ft. Spike-to-Cut (S2C) technology
Capacity 30 grams max
Size  163mm height / 53mm diameter
Weight 600 grams


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