Thous Winds 0.6L Stainless Steel Kettle

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In a world where aluminum cookware  in camping gear reigns supreme, we've managed to find our new favourite stainless steel kettle. We will always prefer stainless to aluminum for it's durability and ruggedness. 

The perfect size for traveling and trekking, this little kettle is incredibly light and compact. Fits perfectly in your Unito Stanley lunch box. 

We are constantly in search of the best cookware in the world and we think that this kettle is it - thankfully!

We love our little stainless steel kettle for our travel kit. Comes with nice textured light carrying bag.

Add on the pour over spout for an even more precise pour. You're just camping, you're not a monster.

Now get outside!


Use  Water only 
Method  Gas / Induction / Electric
Material  Stainless Steel / Distressed
Capacity  0.6 Litres / 0.5L Practical 
Dimensions  12cm Base X 15cm Height with Handle
Weight  200 grams


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