Thous Winds Expandable Stove



We are always on the search for new exciting things here at KNIFE.

It was only a matter of time that we started venturing into camping gear and the great life that it brings. 

Sometimes you just need to get out of the city - go for a long hike, long bike ride or just be outdoors. This expandable stove set is a great travel companion to work with your quiet life. Take it slow, take it easy, put that phone down.

The expandable stove set from Thous Winds is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with the solo camping table. An incredibly compact and easy to use stove set for larger heavier items. Keeps the pressure off the burner / can. Slick.

Be on the look out here for more camping gear as we slowly embrace this new side of KNIFE. The slow side, thoughtful parts of life.

Happy camping.

Matte Black. Hard shell carrying bag included.

To be used with Isobutane only - no adaptors necessary.

Can be used with or without legs.

This is the stove / leg add on for the solo camping table.


Dimensions  26cm - 36cm extendable
Stove Clearance  10 - 12cm from bottom of stove
Carrying Case Dimensions  21cm X 14cm X 6cm
Material  Anodized Aluminum / Brass nozzle
Weight  395 grams
Weight with carrying case  520 grams


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