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Coffee is 98% water and if you're using sub par water, you're drinking sub par coffee.

Water isn't something we think about regularly. It's easy to just turn on the tap and drink. For those of us that love specialty coffee, tap water just wont' do.

That's why we love Third Wave water. Use with RO water or distilled water for best results. Store in glass gallon jugs.

Special blend of mineral contents designed to optimize your coffee water without the use of any chlorides.

This is a total game changer. No gimmicks, no faff, just great tasting water for coffee.

Sold in a 2 pack. 1 gallon per sachet.

The espresso profile is designed to be used in electric espresso machines. The blend optimizes water to reduce calcification to your precious parts. Tastes great too!

Pro tip - pre mix (shake very well!) in a smaller bottle of water to avoid calcification, residue in your bottle.


Use  Optimizes RO or distilled water
Volume  1 pack = 1 gallon water
Method  Empty sachet / agitate / brew


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