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Takeshi Saji R2 Quince Gyuto 210mm

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Takeshi Saji, the master at it again.

New for 2021. These gorgeous knives are made with Saji san's always incredible R2 powdered steel. These knives feature stunning quince wood handles. Quince wood has an amazing softer feel making these feel light and smooth in the hand.

You can never go wrong with a 210mm gyuto. A classic. 

Although stainless, please always hand wash only.

*Due to the handmade nature of the handles, please be aware that handle patterns can vary. Contact us directly for more information. 


Collection Knives
Blade  210mm / Double Bevel
Steel  R2 Powder / Stainless
HRC  63
Handle  125mm / Quince Wood
Weight  198 grams

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