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Takamura VG-10 Gyuto 210mm



Takamura is a small hamono located in the heart of Takefu, Fukui Japan.  Run by third generation blacksmith Terukazu Takamura  who inherited the business from his father Toshiyuki Takamura.  VG-10 is a great steel.  Utilizing a higher carbon content (1%) allows this steel to retain a longer edge while keeping stainless due to the 15% of Chromium.  VG-10 steel is a workhorse style steel.  Not prone to chipping and easy to sharpen, this is the steel choice for many chefs and professional cooks.

The 210mm Gyuto is the most popular chef's knife size.  Large enough for a majority of tasks while being light enough for quick work.


Collection Knives
Blade  210mm / Double Bevel
Steel  VG-10 / Tsuchime 
HRC  60
Handle  120mm / Black Pakkawood
Weight  177 grams

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