Suehiro Cerax #320



Suehiro stone manufacturing comes to us from Niigata, Japan, and provides us with their popular Cerax line of whetstones. The Cerax line is their top of the line stone and one of the shop favourites. These high quality stones cut smoothly and evenly and only require a short amount of soaking. Great to use on all types of steel.

The #320 Cerax is a little softer so we tend to recommend using lots of water while you sharpen.

We love using this stone for the initial sharpening of single bevel knives. 

Includes small #1000 grit nagura and mini rubber base.

This is a big stone - perfect for those long pesky fixes.


Dimensions  210mm x 72mm x 48mm
Material  Aluminum Oxide bonded with Ceramic
Use Coarse grinding / fixes


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