SOTO ST-320 Ultra Thin Cassette Stove



Introducing the Soto Cassette Stove, the ultimate companion for outdoor cooking adventures. This compact and lightweight stove is designed to provide efficient and reliable heat for your camping, hiking, or backpacking trips.

The Soto Cassette Stove features a user-friendly design that allows for easy setup and operation. Its cassette-style fuel canister system ensures a secure and stable base, preventing accidental tipping and enhancing safety during use. With its robust construction, this stove is built to withstand rugged conditions and deliver consistent performance.

Equipped with a powerful and adjustable flame, the Soto Cassette Stove offers precise heat control for a variety of cooking needs. From simmering delicate sauces to boiling water for hot beverages or dehydrated meals, this stove can handle it all. Its efficient fuel consumption ensures extended cooking times, saving you from constantly replacing canisters on your outdoor excursions.

Portability is key, and the Soto Cassette Stove excels in this aspect. It easily fits into your backpack or camping gear, taking up minimal space. Whether you're embarking on a weekend camping trip or a long-distance trek, this stove won't weigh you down.

Safety is a top priority, and the Soto Cassette Stove with its built-in pressure regulator, ensures consistent fuel flow, preventing flare-ups and offering peace of mind during use. 

Probably our favourite portable stove. Comes with storage pouch.

Made in Japan.


Material  Body: Aluminum, stainless steel, tinder - aluminum die-cast, valve: brass
Dimensions  19.5cm X 15 cm X 7.6cm
Dimensions Packed  15cm X 8cm X2cm
Fuel Type  Butane
Weight  380 grams


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