Sibarist is changing the game. 

Sibarist Paper Filters come to us from Barcelona, Spain.  

B3 Technology 

The B3 Specialty Coffee filter technology was developed with Sibarist and Matt Winton, the 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion. For over a year, Matt worked together with Sibarist, testing trial materials and providing his expertise and feedback, leading to B3 and its unique composition and processes.

This specialty coffee filter has a dense fibre composition with thin structure that provides a high filtration capacity but with a good flow and drawdown at the same time, making the B3 technology unique. Its rigidness minimizes the contact surface with grooved drippers by sitting off the ridges and off the walls of the dripper or sticking its surface with plain and smooth drippers maximizing the potential of each brewer, reducing the bypass and offering very even extractions. 

The result is a complete and developed extraction with a very clean cup, highlighting the sweetness and without any trace of flavour or odour in the drink.

The B3 FLAT filter is the application of the B3 technology to the Sibarist FLAT filter design (for flat bottom drippers). The filter shape provides a brewing volume free from any obstacle, providing an even extraction of the coffee particles, uniform turbulences and full access to the coffee bed. The B3 rigidness produces a minimum contact surface with the dripper and provides a fast extraction, but its material thickness and low porosity provides sweeter and cleaner cups, avoiding bypass. 

The B3 HYBRID is a completely unique and innovative filter, designed by Sibarist for conical drippers that provides a hybrid between flat bottomed and cone brewing. Made with the B3 filter paper technology, the hybrid shape encourages flow through the dripper by providing a faster and higher extraction, reducing the clogging that might appear on high filtration materials and avoiding the concentration of fines in one point. Also, the B3 paper's porosity allows clarity of flavour, and the rigidity of its structure minimize the contact points with the dripper creating even, balanced cups. 

Focusing on quality above quantity.

The goal of Sibarist was to create a unique filter with an outstanding flow rate using the best possible materials, and boy did they deliver. 

Sibarist has developed a tool that allows the coffee community to reinvent their recipes and achieve new and different cup profiles. These filters facilitate the best experimentation in search for the best possible extraction. 

From Sibarist themselves, "We seek the best quality, devoting the same care to the filter as to getting an exceptional cup of coffee. We pay attention to detail throughout the whole chain, from the origin of the raw material on estates and plantations to its local processing and manufacture. We reflect the values and standards that characterize specialty. We focus on quality above quantity. This is a product with a history similar to that of a coffee bean. Its whole process is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavours. We have to measure up."

These filters really do change the profile of your coffee. These are special occasion filters for us, when you get that perfect bag of beans and have someone over for a cup of coffee. 

Available in 100 packs of Flat or Hybrid. 

For more info - check out the Sibarist filter manual here.


Use  Filter for Pour Over Coffee 
Material  100% Organic Paper


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