Hatsukokoro Sentan White #2 Chinese Cleaver 200mm



We love cleavers. 

Versatile, light and the perfect tool for not only blasting through prep, but for scooping veg up in one motion.

Takes a bit to get used to the motion of using a taller knife, but definitely worth the time and effort.

This cleaver was commissioned by our friends at Hatsukokoro. Japanese steel from Hitachi -  Made in China. Classic Chinese cleaver, period.

Please note that this knife is made with carbon steel and will rust / patina without proper maintenance and care. Store dry and stay away from heavily acidic foods. If cared for, will last a lifetime - Enjoy.


Blade  200mm / Double Bevel 
Steel White #2 / Stainless Clad
HRC 61-62
Handle  105mm / Oval 
Weight 282 grams


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