Scissors Tomita Cutlery - Nisaku



Tomita Cutlery's Nisaku scissors. 

Large handles are great for creating leverage for tougher jobs. Hard to misplace in a busy kitchen due to its bright colour. Also great in a bike mechanic's toolbox.

These aren't a direct replacement of our never forgotten Chikamasa's - these are their own lovely sturdy shears. Smooth action and incredible feel. Incredibly ergonomic shears.

Although a right handed shear - we feel lefties will be able to use these as well.

Flat handle tops make for extra leverage for breaking those pesky hard things. 

These shears are fantastic for those hard jobs - lobster, crab, chicken bones. But care is always recommended to prolong its life.


Blade  100mm curved / Stainless
Handle  90mm Orange soft plastic
Overall  19cm


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