Orea Big Boy Filter



The name says it all.

The Big Boy from Orea - for when you just need to brew a lot of coffee!

Papers to fit the Big Boy Brewer.

From Orea

When we were making the Big Boy Brewer we tested a lot of "batch brewer" papers and did not find any that we quite liked. Usually they are very thin and slow - forcing you to grind super coarse to have any reasonable performance. At the same time, we were in the process of developing our own wave-shaped paper for the OREA Brewer V3 with some fantastic results. We decided to scale up this paper and make it available for the Big Boy too - which is great news for all. 

100 pack. 


Use  Pour Over Coffee
Material 100% Paper Pulp
Capacity 3-5 cup
Size Orea Big Boy


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