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Introducing the Next Level Pulsar Brewer – where innovation meets perfection in every cup. Elevate your coffee experience with this cutting-edge coffee brewing system that redefines convenience and flavor. Designed for coffee enthusiasts who demand the best, the Pulsar Brewer seamlessly combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to deliver a brewing experience like no other.

Designed in partnership with astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné, author of the best selling book 'The Physics of Filter Coffee.'

Experience the future of coffee brewing with the Next Level Pulsar Brewer – where innovation, customization, and exceptional taste converge in every delightful sip. Elevate your coffee ritual to new heights and savor the difference that precision and technology can make.

This brewer is incredible - we were sold after trying it out at the shop one day. Many different brew types can be achieved. Steep and release + slow flow = pure deliciousness.

Made in the USA.

Includes 100pk of premium filter papers. Refill pack also available here.

Check out Next Level's brew recipes - here.


Use  Coffee / Tea Brewing
Material  Food Grade TPE / Tritan Co-Polyester
Size  8.7cm (top) 9.5cm (bottom) Diameter X 13.3cm Height 
Weight  205 grams
Volume  ~400ml


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