Mcusta Zanmai Santoku 180mm Classic Pro



Mcusta Zanmai is a subset of Marusho Industry Inc. and, to this day, is a family business. The current president, Tomohiro Hasegawa took over from his father recently and together they have been at the forefront of modernizing Japanese knife making with the latest machines and modern material while maintaining age-old Japanese traditions. Their knives are laser-cut, hand assembled and hand finished to ensure near perfection.
As the Elder Hasegawa-San puts it, "...our master craftsmen infuse all our products with the pride and traditions inherited from centuries of Japanese blade makers"

The Santoku is the Japanes version of an all purpose knife.  We love it for veg, herbs and julienne.  Use with a push and slice motion.  


Blade  180mm / 70/30 right
Steel  VG-10 / Damascus
HRC   62
Handle  130mm / Red Pakkwood
Weight   155 grams


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