Masutani VG-10 Damascus Black Santoku 170mm



Masutani-san is not only a very skilled blacksmith, he is also an expert knife sharpener who makes incredibly affordable blades with amazing out of the box sharpness. 

We feel that Masutani knives are incredible blades at an incredible price point.

A beautiful Damascus blade made from VG-10 stainless steel. 

VG-10 is a great all around steel for use at home and / or work. Stainless enough for easy maintenance and hard enough for long edge retention. 

Perfect for that workhorse knife in the kitchen. 

Santoku is the Japanese version of an all purpose knife. Three virtues. Meat, fish and vegetables. 


Blade 170mm / Double Bevel
Steel  VG-10 / Damascus 
HRC  59 - 60
Handle 120mm / Black Pakka Wood
Weight  142 grams


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