Masutani VG-10 Damascus Black Nakiri 170mm



Masutani-san is not only a very skilled blacksmith, he is also an expert knife sharpener who makes incredibly affordable blades with amazing out of the box sharpness. 

A beautiful Damascus blade made from VG-10 stainless steel. 

VG-10 is a great all around steel for use at home and / or work. Stainless enough for easy maintenance and hard enough for long edge retention. 

Perfect for that workhorse vegetable knife in the kitchen. 

The Nakiri is the Japanese version of a Chinese cleaver. A little shorter makes it a little easier to yield but the flat profile still resembles a classic veg shape. 


Blade 170mm / Double Bevel
Steel  VG-10 / Damascus 
HRC  59 - 60
Handle 120mm / Black Pakka Wood
Weight 172 grams 


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