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Makoto Kurosaki SG2 Petty 135mm

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Makoto Kurosaki is the older brother of Yu Kurosaki. Both brothers apprenticed under Kato-san and are now making knives of their own.

Makoto still forges for Kato-san as well as helping his brother at his new hamono in Echizen.

SG2 powdered steel (also known as R2) is one of our favourite metals.  Thin, stainless and incredible edge retention is a no brainer for any knife.  These knives feature incredible grinds and excellent profiles.  Truly cuts through like butter.


Collection Knives
Blade 135mm / Double Bevel
Steel  SG2 Powdered
HRC  63 - 64
Handle 110mm Octagonal Cherry - Sakura
Weight  65 grams

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