Kurokaze Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm



The Kurokaze knife from our friends at Hatsukokoro.

White steel #2 cladded in stainless, probably our favourite working steel. Kurouchi is always a nice touch.

Great profile and weight makes this a fantastic choice for a carbon blade. 

Made in Tosa, Japan.

These knives are cladded with stainless steel but will rust if left wet or dirty. Make sure to wipe down your knife to protect from oxidization. 

Due to the incredibly and meticulously handmade nature of these knives, we have noticed some variance in length, grind, and finish on these products. We are happy to accommodate sharpening requests and/or requests for pictures of the knives in stock before they are shipped. Thank you for your understanding. 


Blade 210mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Shirokami #2 / Kurouchi
HRC  61 - 62
Handle  130mm / Octagonal Mono Bubinga
Weight  210 grams


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