Kumokage Aogami #2 Honesuki 150mm - D Shape Walnut



Kumokage by Hatsukokoro in Tosa, Japan.

The Kumokage line is made by a highly regarded 3rd generation blacksmith who works closely with Hatsukokoro. The name Kumokage is inspired by the beautiful damascus and kurouchi finish on the blade and means 'cloud shadow.' 

The utilization of Aogami #2 carbon steel makes for great edge retention.

We are looking forward to seeing more Kumokage knives soon. 

These knives are not cladded with stainless steel and will rust if left wet or dirty. Make sure to wipe down your knife to protect from oxidization. 

Please note, the Kumokage Honesuki is also available with an Octagonal Walnut handle. 


Blade 150mm / Double Bevel
Steel Aogami #2 / Kurouchi / Damascus 
HRC  62 - 63
Handle 130mm / D Shape Walnut / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight  150 grams


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