King Hyper #1000

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Yes, King stones. Tried and true and one of the oldest stone manufacturers in Japan. King's have and always will be one of the most reliable brands of stones out there, and the ones we've all used.

There are many grades of King stones, some great for beginners and some, like the hypers, known to be the best. We've been using King Hypers for years and now we're happy to bring them into the shop.

Hard cutting, little soaking, and the perfect medium grade stone for a vast majority of steel types. In short, a great stone. Benefits from regular flattening. This isn't the hardest stone out there (dishes faster than Naniwa) but is fantastic if kept flat.


Dimensions  205mm X 70mm X 34mm
Material  Predominantly Ceramic based
Use  Great maintenance stone for many steel types
Soak  Quick 5 minute out of the box / < 2 min after


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