Kei Kobayashi SG2 Red Santoku 170mm



We are very excited and happy to introduce to the shop knives from a new talented blacksmith Kei Kobayashi. Kobayashi san hails from Seki City, close to some of our good friends and one of the largest hubs in Japan for knife making.

Kobayashi san originally started out as a sharpener and finisher and has recently gone into knife making. Although these knives are new to us and the world, our experience tells us that these will likely turn out to be a shop favourite. 

Check out Kobayashi san's work and pictures of ramen on his instagram page. Knives and ramen - my kinda guy.


Blade  170mm / Double Bevel 
Steel  SG2 / Stainless
HRC  63-64
Handle 125mm / Septagonal Red Pakka Handle / No Ferrule 
Weight 136 grams


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