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Ikenaga Iron Works Co.,Ltd. was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1937. Its line of business includes manufacturing of steel castings such as alloys, bushings, and rolling mill rolls.

"Nambu cast ironware is technically divided into 2 types though both are called the same: One is originated from Morioka City, where the Nambu clan built Morioka Castle about 400 years ago. They made numerous efforts for cultural development of their fief, inviting artisans from Kyoto to promote tea ceremonies. As a result, production of cast ironware for tea ceremonies started in the area.

The other type is originated from Mizusawa, Oshu City, located in the southern part (“Nambu” in Japanese) of Iwate Prefecture, where the Fujiwara clan established the Golden Culture and developed cast ironware."

Also available, Tawashi brushes for cleaning.

**Please note that our free shipping rates do not apply to our Cast Iron.**

**Works on induction**


Material  100% Nambu Tekki Cast Iron 
Lid  Burnt Cedar
Size  16.5cm (inner) Diameter / 20cm (outer) Diameter / 12cm (pot) Height / 14cm (overall) Height 
Weight  2.6 kg
Capacity  3 cups of rice


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