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Nothing beats a precise water temp.

In our opinion the best way to achieve this is by using something ultra-precise like an induction cook top.

So of course we sourced out our own favourite induction cook top as so many on the market are just too big. 

The Induction Stovetop by Beasty Coffee has 8 cooking levels (100W - 800W) and is the perfect size to add to any kitchen, coffee bar, or cafe. 

Small, pack able, and with a removable magnetic power cord for easy storage.

We timed our 0.7L Kogu drip kettle (lid on) from cold to rumbling boil in just under 5 mins. Not the fastest boil, but incredibly precise to maintain temp for a service kettle. The 100W - 200W setting maintained below boil (92-93C) flawlessly. Just for you pour over baristas on a busy bar. This is lovely with a larger volume kettle always on the ready. 

Although this stove top can be used as a regular induction burner for pots and pans, we sourced this mainly for kettles only. There is a 30 min safety shut off function that may not make this ideal for cooking with. However, we love it for our Ikenaga rice pot for precise temp when making cast iron rice. Just perfect. 

Made in China by Amadana for Beasty Coffee.

Please note - this is a 110V stove top and will only work with US type A/B plug types.



Power  AC100V 50/60Hz - US / Japan / US 2 Prong
Material  PA66 Resin (body) / Heat-resistant glass (top plate) / Aluminum (knob)
Size  18.5cm X 18.5cm (19.5cm with knob) X 5cm / 180cm Cord Length
Weight  1.2 kilograms


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