HUGH | Leverpresso Manual Espresso Maker



Take your espresso on the road with the HUGH Leverpresso. 

The HUGH is hailed as a truly portable lever espresso maker and has become an industry favourite for those who love manual espresso at a lower price point. 

The Leverpresso is very easy to use and is intuitively designed with a screw-on/off portafilter and dual levers to help maintain a consistent 9 bars of pressure. 

For more detailed instructions on using the Leverpresso, check out the HUGH website here.

Also available, the Leverpresso Stand 2.0 for a sturdier set up at home or on the go. 

Made in Korea.


Use  Manual Espresso
Material  Tritan / Polypropylene / Stainless Steel / Aluminum / BPA Free
Portafilter Size 50mm
Capacity  17 grams (portafilter) / 120ml (water capacity)
Dimensions 7cm X 8.5cm X 17.5cm
Weight 440 grams


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