Hatsukokoro Hayabusa Aogami Super Petty 150mm



The newest from Hatsukokoro, the Hayabusa Aogami Super. 

We've been big fans of the Hayabusa line since the moment they arrived and we are very excited to now have these great knives with an Aogami Super core. 

Bubinga is very similar to rosewood, so much so that it is sometimes called African Rosewood. We're loving the look and feel of these new handles. 

Stainless Steel cladding makes these blades easier to take care of, though they should still be wiped down/kept dry to prevent any rusting. 


Blade 150mm / Double Bevel
Steel Aogami Super / Stainless Clad
HRC  63
Handle 115mm / Octagonal Mono Bubinga
Weight 65.5 grams


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