Hatsukokoro Shinkiro AS Nakiri 165mm



Made by Takahiro Nihei for Hatsukokoro in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Nihei-san began his training in Sanjo back in 2011 and has been perfecting his blacksmithing skills ever since. He is also well trained in sharpening and engraving, and now has his own workshop in Fukushima City.

This robust nakiri blade is made with Aogami Super carbon steel that has been expertly hardened to an impressive 63-64 HRC. 

This knife has a great weight and balance. A bit larger and heavier than many of our nakiri's here at KNIFE. 

Please note, this knife has a soft iron cladding over the core Aogami Super steel. Keep the blade clean and dry to prevent from rusting.  


Blade 165mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Aogami Super / Kurouchi
HRC  63-64
Handle 130mm / Octagonal Walnut / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight  265 grams


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