Hatsukokoro Aogami #2 Damascus Deba 150mm



The first Deba from Hatsukokoro here at KNIFE.

Made for us by talented Balcksmith Yoshihiro Yauji. 

Yoshihiro Yauji is a young blacksmith working out of Takefu knife village. Part of new wave of young talented artisans that do so, Yauji-san is one of the few smiths that also polish, sharpen, and finish his own steel. 

This small Deba is great for filleting small fish and also tackling a few small butchery tasks like cleaning chicken and small game.

Please keep this knife dry at all times to maintain its finish. This is not a stainless knife.


Blade  150mm / Single Bevel
Steel  Aogami #2 / Damascus
HRC  61
Handle 135mm / Octagonal Wenge / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight 200 grams


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